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to build a healthy relationship with tech, once and for all.

Our course guides your child towards better grades, closer family bonds, and balanced tech use.

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Trusted by caring parents worldwide.

For teens who...

... are on their screens more than 2 hours a day.

The average screen time among teens in the US is 7 hours a day.

... struggle to balance their online and family time.

Transform screen time into quality family moments, connected together.

We have created
The Path to Phone Freedom

An expert-guided course for your children to enhance academic performance, have better relationships and prevent tech addiction.

Fun course,
serious results.

Our students have experienced:

30% less screen time within 7 days of completing the course

Lasting digital habits & increased mental well-being

Improved GPA due to enhanced focus

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Trusted by caring parents worldwide.

Perfect for busy parents
who want the best for their child.

Our Phone Free Method is designed specifically to help teens transform their relationship with tech independently, through our relatable teaching, supportive community and interactive modules.

Your children will achieve Phone Freedom in just 7 days

Made by experts, designed & proven to be engaging for teenagers

We keep you updated & help your child transform their habits

A look inside
The Path to Phone Freedom

6 engaging modules centered around behavioural change.

Introduction & The Roadmap to Success

At first, we will welcome your child and playfully introduce them to the course.

Understanding the root of the problem

Then, we'll set a foundation of understanding for your child in order to inspire change. This module will provide an in-depth explanation of why it's important to control the tech your child uses daily.

How to set up your tech for success

Together with your child, we explore how to regain control of their devices so they can be less distracted and anxious while using them healthily for school, work or play.

Transforming your skills into habits

Here we ensure that your child has everything it takes to turn their recently acquired knowledge into a long-term positive change in their relationship with technology.

Mastering self-awareness

After helping your child defend themselves from the endless impulses from their devices, we will delve deeper into how to be more mindful & present in order to deal with procrastination, so they don't fall back into old habits.

Embracing Phone Freedom

After mastering tech, your child can finally use their time more productively to learn new skills, engage in more physical activites and feel themselves become more passionate and involved in life! We help them explore new hobbies and inspiration to the fullest.

2.5 million followers

Join a thriving community of 2.5 million who've embraced the Phone Free lifestyle, inspired by our founders' vision.

A team of experts

Crafted with care by experts, our course promises to make digital well-being engaging and impactful for your child.

No-risk investment

Confidence in our course comes with a promise: get a full refund if your child's screen time doesn't drop by 30%.

The Path to Phone Freedom

Our Flagship Course is a transformative journey designed to elevate your child's academic focus and success, and allow them to form deeper bonds with the people they care about, all while bringing you the joy and pride of witnessing their growth through updates on their assessments and progress.

6+2 engaging video modules with bonuses and extras

Assesments & Progress Reports for peace of mind

Exclusive access to The Freedom Community

Personalized guidance for your child

What parents say

Read PhoneFree stories.

Monica Mueller

Hi, I'm Monica. Phone Freedom from this course really opened my eyes. It's packed with interesting content and is incredibly well made. The instructors are amazing, and it's been both helpful and challenging for my kids.

Mother of 3
Ivanka Cabalo

Hello, my name's Ivanka. Since my kids began with this course, my life and my relationships, especially with my kids, have transformed. We've gained so much more time to connect deeply. I can't express enough how happy I am with these changes. Mahalo!

Mother of 1
Robert Nelson

Hey, folks, I'm Robert, just your average dad. We struggled with screen time until we found this course. It's been like a lifesaver. Seeing my son out more, doing better in school, and growing personally has been incredible. The course isn't just about reducing screen time, it's about finding a healthy balance.

Father of 2
Biliana Osiris

Hey, I'm Biliana. Before this course, my 14-year-old was glued to screens, and I felt guilty for not setting any boundaries. But this course changed everything. Our communication has improved, and I'm relieved to see my daughter seeking and finding better ways to spend her time.

Mother of 3
Brooklyn Ashley

Hi, I'm Brooklyn. Before Phone Freedom, my son struggled in school. But since we started the course, there's been a remarkable improvement in his grades and confidence. It's been amazing to watch him grow and learn. We're really happy with the changes we've seen as a family.

Mother of 2
Lisa Boarse

I want to share my great experience with Phone Freedom. This course has been an invaluable tool for my family. The practical tips and the supportive community are fantastic. It's helped my kids immensely, and the best part is, we've ended the screen time battles. It's been a total relief.

Mother of 1
Tamara Miller

Hello, fellow parents. If you're feeling as devastated as I was, know that there's hope. This course was a godsend for me and my son. At first, I was skeptical, but the positive changes in his attitude have been nothing short of miraculous. No more screen time battles, and I'm incredibly grateful.

Mother of 2

Meet the founders

The dynamic duo behind Phone Freedom consists of Marek and Jaro, both young and passionate entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world for the better.

Jaro Cabla

Fuelled by a passion for inspiring change, my journey has evolved from a globe-trotting adventurer to a dedicated mentor, guiding young minds toward self-discovery and digital mindfulness. My unique experiences, from the Czech Republic to Hawaii's vibrant shores, have shaped my mission: to empower the youth to become the best versions of themselves, fostering a life of deep connection, purpose, and joy. 

Marek Wolfensberger

Driven by a lifelong commitment to inspiring change, my path has taken me from being an entrepreneur and musician with global influence to a visionary mentor, passionately guiding today's youth towards digital well-being and realizing their fullest potential. For Phone Freedom, my creative spark and entrepreneurial spirit fuse, turning the course into a harmony of innovation and impact, aligning technology with life's vibrant rhythm.

Why choose Phone Freedom?

Clearer focus, higher grades

Watch grades climb as your teen learns to prioritize their time through our effective digital management skills.

Healthier connections

Strengthen the bond with your teen as our course guides them to real life connections over screen time.

Prevent addiction

Safeguard your teen from digital dependence with our balanced approach to technology use.

Long-lasting habits

Our course lays the foundation for digital discipline that sticks, setting up your teen for long-term success.

Personalised guidance

Our personalized guidance is adjusted based on your teens' individual Phone Free journeys.

A brighter future

Set your child up for success in a tech-driven world, with our course as their roadmap to a brighter tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered below.

How will I know if my child is doing the course?

Simple! At the end of every module, there is an assessment to ensure your child has understood all of the content. You'll be getting e-mail reports about your child's progress so you'll now how they're doing.

Is there any support after my child completes the course?

Absolutely! The journey only starts there. We are proud to represent and cultivate The Freedom Community, where kids from all over the world can connect to find likemindedness in the beauty of interaction, to swipe less and live more.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We do. We find it crucial to deliver on our promises, and believe that the results will speak for themselves. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with the course, we will refund your money.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Great question! There is around 4 hours of video content and lots of interactive exercises at the end. Together with the assignments, the course can be completed in 7 days if your child participates for ~45 minutes every day, but your child can take as much time as they need!

Passionate people will change the world.

Our mission is to empower the changemakers of tomorrow with life-changing guidance they need to make the most impact.

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