Innovate with conscious tech use for a smarter educational environment.

Join us in integrating Phone Freedom for a smarter, more conscious digital environment in schools.

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Trusted by caring parents worldwide.

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Join a thriving community of 2.5 million who've embraced the Phone Free lifestyle, inspired by our founders' vision.

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Crafted by mental health experts and teen-respected digital natives, our course is both engaging and fun for students.

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Experience the benefits firsthand with our commitment-free trial, designed to seamlessly align with your school's needs.

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Our students have experienced:

30% less screen time within 7 days of completing the course

Lasting digital habits & increased mental well-being

Improved GPA due to enhanced focus

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Trusted by caring parents worldwide.

Fostering digital well-being in the classroom

Our Phone Free Method is expertly crafted to guide students towards healthier tech use independently, combining relatable teaching, a supportive peer community, and interactive learning modules.

Witness students gain balanced tech use, enhancing focus and school engagement.

Crafted by experts and tailored to engage teenagers, ensuring educational effectiveness.

Providing consistent updates and support, we facilitate your students' journey towards digital wellness.

Why choose Phone Freedom for your school?

Clearer focus, higher grades

See academic improvements as students master digital habits, boosting focus and time management.

Healthier connections

Our course encourages students to form meaningful connections, reducing over-reliance on digital interaction.

Preventing addiction

Equip students with a balanced approach to technology, safeguarding them from the risks of digital addiction.

Cultivating lasting discipline

Our program equips students with sustainable digital habits for their educational and personal success.

Personalised guidance

Our program offers personalized guidance, adapting to each student’s unique digital needs and journey.

A brighter future

Empower your students to thrive in a tech-centric world, setting a foundation for a successful, balanced future.

Passionate people will change the world.

Our mission is to empower the changemakers of tomorrow with life-changing guidance they need to make the most impact.

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