Phone Freedom is the solution for those who want their kids to spend less time on their phone.

We see a future where technology empowers rather than distracts, guiding the next generation's potential, allowing parents to proudly observe their children's transformation into responsible and deeply connected individuals, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.

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Join 2.5 million in the Phone Free lifestyle, inspired by our founders.

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Focused content guiding teens towards a meaningful life.

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How The Path To Digital Freedom works?

Have a look at the process of our course to make the most out of our powerful learning platform.

Choose the Perfect Course for Your Teen

Ready to empower your teen with healthier digital habits? 'The Path To Digital Freedom' offers just that. Designed for teens, our course tackles excessive screen time, enhances family connections, and supports academic focus. Every lesson is engaging, relatable, and crafted to resonate with teenagers' experiences in today's digital world. Select this transformative course to set your teen on a path of digital wisdom and real-world engagement.

Seamless and Secure Enrollment

Enrolling your teen in 'The Path To Digital Freedom' is easy and secure. With just a click on the "Enroll your child today" button, you're investing in their digital wellness and future success. This course isn't just an educational tool. It's a stepping stone to balanced digital usage and improved family dynamics.

Unlock Engaging and Personalized Learning Tools

Upon enrollment, your teen gains access to a variety of resources. Our course features interactive lessons, fun assessments, and personalized support, ensuring that learning about digital balance is both effective and enjoyable. These tools are specifically designed to captivate and educate, fostering a healthier approach to screen time.

Interactive and Enjoyable Learning Experience

Watch as your teen embarks on an exciting learning journey with 'The Path To Digital Freedom.' Our course is celebrated for its engaging content that teens love, ensuring they are not just learning but also enjoying the process. They will develop healthier screen habits, discover better academic focus, and reconnect with family life.

Receive Official Certificate of Digital Mastery

Once your teen completes the course, they'll earn a certificate. A proud symbol of their digital mastery and balance. It represents the essential skills they've developed to navigate the digital world responsibly, balancing screen time with real-world activities.

Continuous Support and Parental Updates

The learning journey continues beyond the course. Stay informed with regular updates on your teen's progress and receive additional resources to support their ongoing digital wellness. Our community and expert instructors are here to offer continued guidance and support, ensuring your teen's long-term success in the digital age.

2.5 million followers

Join a thriving community of 2.5 million who've embraced the Phone Free lifestyle, inspired by our founders' vision.

A team of experts

Crafted with care by experts, our course promises to make digital well-being engaging and impactful for your child.

4+ hours of classes

Over 4 hours of focused content, providing kids with tools and insights to guide them towards a meaningful life.

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Our mission is to empower the changemakers of tomorrow with life-changing guidance they need to make the most impact.

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Made by experts, designed for teens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered below.

How will I know if my child is doing the course?

Simple! At the end of every module, there is an assessment to ensure your child has understood all of the content. You'll be getting e-mail reports about your child's progress so you'll now how they're doing.

Is there any support after my child completes the course?

Absolutely! The journey only starts there. We are proud to represent and cultivate The Freedom Community, where kids from all over the world can connect to find likemindedness in the beauty of interaction, to swipe less and live more.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We do. We find it crucial to deliver on our promises, and believe that the results will speak for themselves. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with the course, we will refund your money.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Great question! There is around 4 hours of video content and lots of interactive exercises at the end. Together with the assignments, the course can be completed in 7 days if your child participates for ~45 minutes every day, but your child can take as much time as they need!